Dear Voter,

Like many of you, I am optimistic about the direction of our great country under a Republican President and a Republican Congress.  Yet, after eight years of stagnation, much remains to be done to restore our Liberty, our economy, and America’s leadership role in the world.  In 2017, America made substantial progress in that direction.  However, the fight is far from over.

That’s why I am running for the US Congress, because we must stay vigilant in the fight to protect our Liberty and opportunity, and I want to take that fight to Washington DC for my children, and for the people of Congressional District 29. I invite you to join me on this journey, and would be honored to receive your vote in the May 22, 2018, Republican Primary Runoff Election.


Television Interview

Watch Carmen Maria Montiel discuss issues and running for U.S. Congressional District 29.


Please stand with Carmen Maria Montiel and support her run for US Congressional District 29.

The Issues

Defending our Liberties

The U.S. Constitution is the greatest political document in human history.  It is based on the idea that our rights do not come from government but from our Creator, and we chose to assign some of those rights to form a government that serves us.  As predicted by the Founding Fathers, too many in Washington DC don’t see it that way.  That is why we must elect people who not only represent what we need from government but also who will protect us from a government that takes too much from the people it is supposed to serve.

Military and Veterans Affairs

Carmen firmly believes in Ronald Reagan’s doctrine of ‘peace through strength.’  We must support a robust military and the brave men and women of our Armed Services to whom we owe our freedom.  Our Veterans deserve not only our deepest gratitude but also the full benefits and support to which they are entitled.  It is inexcusable for our Veterans to have to wait for urgent and routine medical care because of bureaucratic mismanagement.  Carmen will be a strong advocate for reforming VA Hospitals in order to offer our Veterans the care that they deserve, and for offering private healthcare alternatives for our Veterans where the VA falls short.

Border Security & Immigration

Border Security is essential in order to free communities ravaged by crime and exploitation, and honors the privilege of citizenship we all enjoy.  It is also a path to real immigration reform that is compassionate but respects the rule of law.  Without strong borders and the rule of law, America will continue on a path towards becoming like the lawless places from which so many immigrants flee.  If America is to remain a beacon of hope, it must remain a place of equal justice and equal opportunity for those who follow the law.