Endorsements From Precinct Chairs (Updated 3/15/2018)

I am honored to earn the endorsements of the following Harris County Republican Party precinct chairs, and want to thank them for the hard work they do for our party and for their support of this campaign.  With their help, we will advance our conservative ideas and bring new opportunity to Congressional District 29.

 -Jesse Saldana, Pct 69
-Collen Shaklovitz, Pct. 134
-Linda Bower, Pct. 170
-Larry Bowles, Pct. 211
-Tom Zakes, Pct. 221
-Maria Teresa Saldiema, Pct. 242
-Kristen St James, Pct. 267
-Rex Teter, Pct 302
-Georgia Early, Pct 308
-Steven Pilling, Pct. 328
-Molly Salazar, Pct. 343
-Sonny Khatua, Pct 345
-Diane Peirson, Pct 375
-Donna Lavoie, Pct. 397
-Randy Orr. Pct 413
-Terence Blackshure, Pct 460
-Shelly de Zevallos, Pct 463
-Brian Bishop, Pct. 606
-John Topass, Pct. 725
-Joseph McReynolds, Pct, 730
-Carol McGee, Pct. 792
-George Brian Vrachis, Pct. 885
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